New England Society of  Clinical Hypnosis

A Component Section of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)

NESCH Membership

Application for membership in the New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis is invited from healthcare professionals who have completed the Basic Section of the Annual Workshop (or the equivalent) and who meet one of the following criteria:

1. Healthcare professionals with a doctoral degree  (eg., MD, DO, DMD, DDS, DPM,  PhD,  PsyD, EdD, DSW, DNS, DC, etc.)  and who are licensed to practice in their State or Province.

2. Healthcare professionals with a Master's degree (eg., MSW, MSN, MS (OT ), MS (PT), etc.),  and who are licensed to practice in their State or Province in fields which do not require a doctorate for independent practice. 

3. Healthcare professionals with a Bachelor's degree who are licensed to practice under the supervision of clinicians in category 1 or 2 (above).

4. Students pursuing any of the credentials listed above may become a Student Member.

5. Professionals who have not yet completed the Workshop requirements may become an Affiliate Member.

Members in good standing at the end of each calendar year are eligible for a tuition reduction for the next year's Annual Workshop. Good Member standing is required for attendance at Seminars, mini-Workshops, etc.

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Address: 89 Abbottsford Road, Brookline, MA 02446


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